QB State Youth Camp: Reunite 2020

See you there!








Date & Location

What to Expect?

  • Fun, Food, and Family
  • Worship
  • Great Preachers and Teachers
  • Lots of Activities
  • Pool fun
  • Community across our churches

What to Bring

  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket
  • Pillow
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Old clothes and old enclosed shoes for the Mud Pit Challenge

The Full List of what to Bring

QB Youth Camp was such a great kick off to the year for our Youth Ministry. It really set the tone for what God was looking to accomplish amongst our young people and leadership team. SO KEEN FOR 2019!
Mick Spann

Youth Pastor, Church@TheGabba

Thanks for all those involved in organising the camp.  Our Kruger Youth Crew had so much fun but what they loved most about it was the worship and the sessions.  They have grown in their passion to make disciples and are ready to make that next step in their relationship with God.
Seb Henley

Youth Pastor, Kruger Parade Baptist Church


Contact US

Email: qbyouth@qb.org.au Phone:+617 3354 5600

Who is QB State Youth Camp affiliated with?
QB State youth Camp is affiliated with Queensland Baptists. Queensland Baptists partner with local Baptist churches and youth pastors to organise ‘State Youth Camp.’
Where is QB State Youth Camp?
QB State Youth Camp is held at QCCC Mapleton. QCCC is the camping ministry of Queensland Baptists.
What Should I do when I Arrive?

Please check with your youth group to find out what time you are arriving at camp (so you all arrive at the same time).

If you are arriving at camp separately to the rest of your youth group – you will need to make sure that one of your youth leaders are onsite as they are responsible for you during the entirety of the camp.

The campsite will be open from 12pm on Monday 20th January 2020 “soft start” (free time) to allow people the adequate time to arrive at Mapleton. We will officially kick off at 3:30pm. Camp will finish on Thursday 23rd January 2020 by 3pm and we need to be completely vacated by that time.

How are Teens Supported at QB State Youth Camp
Teenagers are required to attend as part of a group from their local church.  Local churches need to send leaders with their teenagers in order to provide appropriate care.
What do i need for the mud pit challenge?

We are super excited to announce that we will be the first group to use QCCC’s latest edition – the mud pit challenge!

You will need to bring a pair of OLD, CLOSED SHOES and old clothes for use in the mud pit challenge. It is likely that you will not be wearing these again after this!  It is a requirement that closed shoes be worn for this – thongs, sandals, crocs etc. will not be permitted.