SYC23 is around the corner!!!

At SYC 23 our theme is “Saviour”. We will be hearing from amazing preachers and pastors as they help us understand the good news so that we can respond to God, and so that we can help others when they ask us questions about the hope we have in Jesus.

As young people, we are positioned at an amazing time in our lives when we can make a difference in the lives of our friends and families.

SYC is about empowering the local youth group. All attendees must be attending with their youth group. Speak to your youth Pastor or key leader to make sure that your group is coming. 

As a Christian camp, SYC is designed to help you spend time with God, be encouraged and inspired by your close Christian influencers, and become ready to help those who do not have the same hope in Jesus as you.


  • 16 – 19 January, 2023
  • QCCC Mapleton, 70 Obi Obi Road, Mapleton
  • Cost – $190 per person

What to Expect?

  • Fun, Food, and Family
  • Worship
  • Great Preachers and Teachers
  • Lots of Activities
  • Pool fun
  • Community across our churches

What to Bring

  • Sleeping Bag / Blanket
  • Pillow + fitted single bed sheet
  • Water Bottle (labelled with your name)
  • Sunscreen + bug spray
  • Old clothes and old enclosed shoes for the Mud Pit Challenge
  • Hat
  • Swimmers
  • 2 x towels (swimming/bath)
  • Toiletries + personal medications
  • Pen, noptepad, and Bible

* For safety, thongs or sandals are not permitted in any QCCC activity. Enclosed shoes are also required in the dining room.

SYC2023 registration is now CLOSED


Risk assessment documents & Working with Vulnerable People Strategy

1. QB Youth and Young Adults – Working with vulnerable people Strategy Document – click here
2. QBSYC 2023 Risk Assessment – click here
3. QBSYC 2023 – Accommodation Risk Assessment – click here

QCCC also has risk management programs – visit