Yes… the old and faithful Photo Rally!

Separate your group into various teams. Each team must have a Smart Phone.

For sharing the fun… ask leaders to take the photos and upload them in real time onto a combined Facebook Messenger Group or similar.

VERSION 1  // 


Photo Items List  (100 points each)

  1. The number 4
  2. The number 6
  3. A Snake
  4. A Teacher
  5. A Basketball going through a hoop
  6. Usain Bolt look-alike
  7. Person swinging
  8. Person driving
  9. Boy with very long hair
  10. Girl with very short hair
  11. Pile of Dust
  12. Maths Textbook
  13. Up someone’s nose…
  14. Belly button lint
  15. Sand Painting
  16. Police Car

Team Challenges (200 points each) (entire team must be involved in creating)

  1. A team member’s name spelled out in Poaceae leaves
  2. A bridge over troubled water
  3. Team in the air
  4. Odd Socks
  5. Piggy Back Conga Line

BONUS POINTS (500 points each) (entire team must be involved in creating)

  1. Short documentary video about Dinosaurs (Most professional video will win)
  2. Short Movie about “A day at the Beach” (Most professional video will win)
  3. Short Music Video of a favourite Elvis song (Most professional video will win)


VERSION 2  // 


Each group will have a camera and will have to find a fake moustache.

Groups using the fake moustache in photos will earn bonus points.

You will need to get as many pictures as you can (you won’t have time to do all) and return by ….. pm.

  1. The Butcher
  2. A Penguin
  3. A German Shop
  4. A Sheep’s Shop
  5. A Past Broncos Star?
  6. Superman’s Funny Shop?
  7. Where would you have your moustache trimmed?
  8. Shop dealing with facial features above the moustache?
  9. Shop dealing with facial features below the moustache?
  10. 2 Local Election Candidates with Moustaches
  11. Member of your team flying
  12. Your team with a random stranger
  13. Your team working in a pizza shop
  14. Your team all in the air at the same time
  15. A sign post with the name of one of the members of your team
  16. Your entire team in one car
  • One or more members of your team in a police car
  1. A truck
  2. An African animal
  3. Your team doing eating chips
  4. Your team doing cartwheels
  5. A human pyramid
  6. Every member of your team swap one shoe with each other
  7. Gangster photo
  8. Crazy faces photo
  9. A sports car
  10. A horse or other 4 legged animal
  11. A spider
  12. The number 12
  13. The number 42
  14. Conga Line
  15. Your entire team playing on children’s swings. (Forts are acceptable)
  16. Group pretending to be dead in Woolworths car park
  17. Group pretending to be zombies in outside Woolworths

TRIPLE POINTS      Shop whose advertising bears a moustache 

Most original picture with a fake moustache


REMEMBER     Follow your Leaders Instructions & for safety, stay with your group and cross streets with your group and leaders otherwise out of game.

Set Boundaries //